About Us!

AKA Blockchains limited

We make it safe and simple to discover emerging technologies and learn about blockchain.


Our mission is to increase awareness of the decentralised revolution that is currently underway and to achieve mass adoption through creative collaborations.

We aim to provide educational insights and developments across the industry to helps people understand the blockchain.

We sell clothes, collectables and hardware devices to individuals located in Ireland. 

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Our vision is to empower individuals with the secure storage of digital assets.

We have prepared an easy and safe way to gain exposure to Blockchain and Virtual Reality. 

Our values encourage financial education, technological innovation, digital literacy and a growth mindset in this Digital Age.

Our company is....

a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

The Internet is ubiquitous in our daily lives today.

We are still in the early days for Blockchain. Most people are still going to take time to learn and discover just how important this technology is going to be for us. This is a process is similar to the heydays of the internet. It is going to take a little bit of time for the mainstream to figure this out. Everything is interconnected and information flows quicker through technology, social media and the Internet. 

TLDR; Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence will mature much quicker than the internet