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In the ever-evolving digital realm, VTubers have emerged as a significant force, captivating audiences worldwide

The Rise of Faceless Virtual YouTubers
Digital Content Creators
Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Talent

At AKA Blockchains, we’re not just about blockchain technology. We’re about harnessing the potential of the digital world. Our collaboration with VTubers and digital content creators is a testament to our commitment to the evolving digital landscape.

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Talent
  • From blockchain technology to digital content creation, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to support and elevate your digital journey.
  • With a network spanning across continents, we offer creators the opportunity to reach a global audience and collaborate with international talents.

  • Our state-of-the-art tools and platforms are designed to streamline content creation, distribution, and monetization. Plus, our team offers guidance on content strategy, brand expansion, and more.

For Aspiring Creators:

If you’re passionate about digital content creation, whether it’s VTubing, streaming, or any other form of digital artistry, we invite you to join our content creation team. By collaborating with AKA Blockchains, you’ll gain access to resources, expertise, and a supportive community that will elevate your content creation journey.

For Supporters:

Believe in the power of digital content? Support your favorite creators directly! Explore the links below to discover content from our talented team of creators and show your support by engaging with their content.

VTuber Project Collaboration Update

Expanding Beyond the Niche

While VTubing and VRChat models are niche areas, we believe in the potential of our creators to expand beyond these confines. With our support, VTubers can transition into variety streaming on platforms like Twitch, discussing diverse topics and reaching a broader audience. We aim to elevate their minimalistic style, infusing it with rich content that resonates with viewers, ensuring the world recognizes and appreciates their unique presence.

Our Goal

Our primary objective with this project is to elevate the success of our creators. We believe in their potential and are committed to providing them with the tools, strategies, and support they need to thrive in the digital space. By partnering with AKA Blockchains, VTubers can be assured of a bright and prosperous future.

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A New Dimension of Interaction

VRChat isn’t just another platform; it’s a gateway to a new dimension of digital interaction. Dive into a world where you can embody your digital persona, interact with diverse communities, and explore the vast realms of the metaverse.

Why VRChat?

Beyond the fun and games, VRChat offers a unique opportunity to understand the potential of virtual realities. It’s a space where creativity meets technology, allowing for unparalleled experiences and genuine connections. Whether you’re attending virtual concerts, joining global meet-ups, or simply exploring, VRChat is the place to be.

VR AKA Blockchains The Digital World 2023

Experience the Best with Oculus Quest 2:

To fully immerse yourself in the VRChat universe, we recommend the Oculus Quest 2. Its advanced features, wireless design, and high-definition visuals ensure you get the most out of your virtual adventures. Don’t just observe; dive in and interact in ways you’ve never imagined.

Join Us in the Metaverse:

If you’re already a part of the VRChat community, add us and let’s explore together! For those new to this realm, now’s the perfect time to embark on this journey. And remember, all these experiences and tools are part of our Exclusive Tier 3 Membership.

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