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The Metaverse Economy.

A little boy’s birthday fell amid the epidemic. The virtual party was staged on Roblox, an online game development platform. A metaverse is a virtual universe that resembles the real world. The metaverse is a computer-generated parallel world. This planet has its own currency and financial system.

People may spend more time in the metaverse than in reality in the future. There are more ways than ever to generate money online. Sell things to a global audience while attracting new customers. Profiting from millions-valued works is simply one option to get started in online business.
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Why People Are Piling Into the Digital World


We sell clothes, collectables and hardware devices to individuals. 


We also sell Collectable art

Crypto art is a category of art related to blockchain technology. It is a literal combination of art, technology. Each piece is a hand-assembled limited edition giclee print.


Sold out editions will never have more created. Enjoy them, collect them, give them as a gift, or trade them.

Collectable Coins​

We Produce Collectables Coin That Has NFC.​

 This proprietary technology provides easy access to everyone with the tap of a phone. Physical coins are limited and this is a niche for collectors and diehard enthusiasts. These limited series of collectables Coin are truly practical and rare as their value increases over time.


We have prepared an easy and safe way to gain exposure to Blockchain and Virtual Reality.

Ledger Nano X

Purchase your own wallet & secure your digital assets.

We are official Ledger resellers that sell hardware devices called “Ledger Nano X”

Storing digital assets safely is notoriously challenging. We have prepared an easy and safe way for people. This is the problem that AKA Blockchain Limited solves.

Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 provides a mind-blowing, immersive VR experience that’ll make you forget you’re in reality. With it’s crystal clear visuals and high refresh rate, it is a must-have entry into VR.